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Table Thai Massage (TTM)

 Experience Inner Balance, Peace, and Vitality

EMS's Exclusive Table Thai Massage.

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** All Specialty Massages include a 30-minute PCC Session **

** (2-hrs total massage time)**

Table Tha Image-modified_edited.jpg

Step onto the table for a transformative journey with Table Thai Massage, a modern twist on the ancient art of Traditional Thai Massage. This unique fusion combines the therapeutic techniques of compression and stretching with the comfort and accessibility of a massage table. Immerse yourself in a sequence of gentle rocking, rhythmic compressions, joint mobilization, and acupressure, all flowing together in a harmonious dance that addresses physical discomfort and nurtures the soul.

Delve deeper into your body's healing potential as these techniques meticulously focus on the 10 Sen Sib, or energy lines, promoting holistic healing far beyond the superficial layers of muscle. This approach diverges from conventional massage methods that predominantly involve rubbing and kneading. Instead, Table Thai Massage invites you into profound relaxation and rejuvenation without using any mediums, ensuring a pure and authentic experience.

Designed for the modern wellness seeker, this practice is performed on a standard massage table, offering an accessible and comfortable alternative to the traditional mat-on-the-floor setup. Clients are encouraged to wear yoga pants, gym shorts, or any activewear, allowing unrestricted movement and flexibility and ensuring that every stretch and pose enhances their well-being.

Embrace the fluidity and grace of Table Thai Massage, where each movement and pressure point touched is a step closer to balance and harmony within. This isn't just a massage; it's an invitation to experience a centuries-old tradition reimagined for today's world, promising relief from physical ailments and a pathway to inner peace and vitality.

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