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Personalized Comperssion Therapy (PCT)

At Effective Massage & Stretch (EMS), we provide personalized massage and stretch therapy services tailored to each client's needs.  Our Personalized Compression Therapy uses state-of-the-art compression technology from Therabody and, combined with manual massage techniques from our highly skilled Licensed Massage Therapist, delivers the utmost relaxation and targeted pain relief.

Tailored To Your Needs

The unique Personalized Compression Therapy Session (PCT) provides a comprehensive pneumatic compression experience.  The flexibility allows your LMT to customize each session to your specific needs, providing a tailored experience that helps you reach your goals faster. Our compression boots are comfortable, easy to use, and adjustable, allowing you to get the most out of each session. Effective Massage and Stretch's Personalized Compression Therapy will enable you to enjoy a comfortable and effective massage or stretch session every time.

Fast Inflation Time

Our compression boots are designed with fast inflation time, allowing you to get more cycles per session than manual stretching. This makes them highly effective in helping you to recover faster from sore or aching legs and other conditions. With our compression boots, you can experience relief from your aches and pains in no time.

Air Flow
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TruGrade Technology™

The Therabody compression boots are an innovative massage tool that offers a unique approach to improving circulation. Featuring TruGrade Technology™, the PCB applies precise pressure to create a safer actual negative gradient from the feet to the heart and back. This allows for maximum circulation and improved blood flow. 

Personalized Compression Therapy (PCT)
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Personalized Compression Therapy (PCT)