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Manual Cryotherapy (MCT) 

Revitalize, Recover, and Rejuvenate with

EMS's Exclusive Manual Cryotherapy.

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** All Specialty Massages include a 30-minute PCC Session **

** (2-hrs total massage time)**

Cryotherapy using various cold packs and massages can be a refreshing and therapeutic addition to a wellness routine. Applying cold packs to overworked muscles or injuries reduces inflammation and numbs acute pain, making it an excellent first response to soft tissue trauma. The cold slows down nerve activity, providing a welcome reprieve from intense discomfort. Moreover, when integrated with massage, the combination of cold therapy and physical manipulation can be particularly effective. The massage encourages circulation, aiding the body in the natural repair process. At the same time, the cold treatment minimizes swelling and decreases metabolic activity in the targeted area, leading to a quicker and often more comfortable recovery. This dynamic duo can be especially beneficial in a therapeutic setting, helping clients bounce back faster and feel more revitalized after intense physical exertion or strain.

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