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Why Stretching?

Over time our muscles and joints weaken, and the range of movement declines. This change can affect our mobility and impact day-to-day activities. We spend much of our day sitting in front of desktops, laptops, phones, or other screens in today's lifestyle. We often do not have the opportunity or ability to stay active outside our homes. We have discovered that it is vital that we incorporate a stretching regimen or assisted stretching techniques into our lifestyle.

What is Assisted Stretching?

It's pretty common to see people stretching with the help of another person. This type of stretching is known as assisted stretching. Incorporating this into your massage session allows maximizing the results by leveraging massage techniques while helping your body's need to stretch.

THE EMS Massage

The EMS massage is unique to Effective Massage & Stretch and is only offered for 90 minute and 2-hour sessions. Your therapist will incorporate several stretching techniques throughout your session. There are several health benefits of EMS Massage include:

Reduces Pain and Arthritis

The most common form of arthritis, Osteoarthritis, is considered a natural part of aging and cannot categorically be avoided. It is caused by the gradual breakdown and eventual loss of the cartilage between joints. When Osteoarthritis affects the facet joints (between two vertebrae), the resulting pain can be felt in the lower back or neck regions. Although it may be painful and difficult to move these joints, regular assisted stretching can help to improve muscle elasticity and range of motion.


Increases Blood Flow and Energy Levels

Integrating assisted stretching into your regular massage routine could improve blood circulation. This low-intensity form of stretching uses controlled movements to gradually increase your heart rate, blood flow, and body temperature.


Injury Prevention

Injuries, poor mobility, and general tightness around your body are typically caused by tight fascia: which is a cobweb-like tissue that surrounds all your muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments. Without probably stretching your fascia, you could form adhesions that can inhibit movement throughout your body and even scar tissue, which can lead to injury and chronic pain.

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